UGX Launcher UGC Manager Software for Windows

Project Status

In Active Development (Currently Beta)

Project Description

The UGX Launcher is an application to download, install, manage and play UGC (User Generated Content).

Project Details

  • Planning and developing of application
  • Application can be extended / tweaked by 3rd party
  • Localization Support (in process)
  • Custom Widgets & Theme

Project Skills

C++ Qt5 Design Patterns Project Management (Jira) Documentation (Confluence) Version Control (Git / Stash) Agile Development (Jira Scrum)


The UGX Launcher started as a C++ wxWidgets Application.
In 2014 the switch to Qt 5 was started.
End of 2016 the application went into Closed Beta.
I develop this application alone, with some design help by the UGX-Mods Team (+ Feedback & Planning)
UGX Launcher Development (2014 - 2016)

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C++ and Qt 5

The UGX Launcher is an UGC Manager software written in C++ with Qt 5. It offers a rich set of features.

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Custom Theme

The application is custom designed to reflect the corporate design of UGX-Mods. It offers also a Theme Manager for custom user generated themes.

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UGX Play

The front & backend for the UGX Launcher. UGX Play is a new website to offer players and creators a place to share, discuss and play user generated content.


The UGX Launcher does authenticate users with their UGX Forum account.

UGXL Authentication

In-App Feedback & Issue Reporting

Users can easily report feedback / issues without leaving the application.

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Custom Grouping

Users can group UGC to their desire.

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Custom Mods Folder

Users can choose another folder for their mods.
A link to the original folder will be created
This helps the user to save space on their main drive.
(great for SSD)

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Download Manager

The user has full control over order, speed and can pause / resume individual downloads easily.

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Advanced Logger / Debugger

For developers and for QA / Testing,
the Debugger & Logger is very helpful.

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Designer Mode

Designers can update stylesheets / images and the application auto-reloads these changes.

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Filter & Sorting

Users have many options to filter and sort the UGC list.

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Text based search for UGC.

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The UGX Launcher has much more features, like
Task Jumplist & Progressbar, Custom Tray Icon Menu, Localization Support, ...

Be sure to checkout the End User Documentation.