Road Tool for Unity Final Diploma Project

Project Status

Passed (No public release)

Project Description

Unity Editor Tool to create spline based tracks via waypoint system. (Roads, sidewalks, rivers, ...) Includes object placer to randomly place objects along the path.

Project Details

  • Planning & Development of tool
  • Documentation of source
  • End User Documentation and simple website
  • Focus on usability for designers


Unity C# Team Management Project Management Video Editing (Blender) Presentation


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Easy for Designers

Simply click and drag to create tracks.

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Custom Editor

Easy to use custom editors
Support for context based in-scene menu.

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Made for Unity

The Road Tool is fully integrated into Unity.

Road Tool Editor

Global Settings for road creation & Debug View.

Drag and Connect

Create connections between tracks and nodes Drag Nodes around to create T-junctions, crossroads and to combine roads again.

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Simple track
(road, rail way, river, ...)

(Random) Object Placer

Place easy and fast objects on the road.
With a set of prefabs and some tweaks you can easily create random looking roads.

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Simple Traffic Light System

Generate with a few clicks traffic lights
with optional crosswalks for all node types.

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