UGX UGC Validator Application for UGC Creators





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Project Status


Project Description

Application to verify UGX UGC Packer created archive files. Focus is a fast verification workflow to save time for moderators.

Project Details

  • Application for Moderators of UGX-Mods
  • Planning and developing of application

Project Skills

C++ Qt5 Design Patterns Project Management (Jira) Documentation (Confluence) Version Control (Git / Stash) Agile Development (Jira Kanban)


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C++ and Qt 5

UGX UGC Validator is written in C++ with Qt 5.

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Easy Validation

Moderators can pick from a list an entry.
The selected UGC will be downloaded, extracted and verified.

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Moderation Help

The Moderator can simply accept the UGC or reject it with warnings which will be available to the creator.

UGC UGC Validator is currently in planning phase and will be released together with the public version of UGX Play in 2017